Expand your entertainment area today with a deck!  Enjoy the weather with a new deck.  We can build you a deck to fit your need and budget.  Wood, Trex, PVC, designer railings, and even solar lighting and pergolas.  Feel free to follow us on Facebook also for all our latest decks and designs.




Deck addition on a Townhome

This addition completely utilizes all the available space this lot had.  A double privacy wall and privacy lattice really looked good.

Wood Deck with aluminum pickets

This client insisted on 2x6 decking to really beef up the structure.  The black aluminum pickets really looked good.

Two tone Trex deck

The two different colors of railing and Trex really compliment each other for a cool look.  Also Trex is maintenance FREE!!

Wood deck

Completely demoed this old deck that was falling apart and came back with a slightly bigger and way better deck.

Huge deck, Cool Stairs

This deck was big, then we added onto it.  Now this deck is massive and the new stairs really add to it!

Townhome deck

You really have to know the codes when your dealing with townhomes.  Fire ratings, building codes and zoning regulations can really be a problem if you have an unreliable contractor.

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